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Yeri posts supportive text message from Lee Soo Man detailing ‘Psycho’ song production

Red Velvet‘s Yeri shared a supported message written by Lee Soo Man.

On January 13 KST, Yeri took to Instagram Story and posted a lengthy text message sent from their SM Entertainment CEO and Producer Lee Soo Man. Suspected to be a group chat message for Red Velvet members, Lee Soo Man’s text contained detailed descriptions of the last-minute production process for the song “Psycho“.

Even after releasing the album
there are a lot of extra sounds in the background
For the MV
[And] for the music programs, we tried to make it different so that the song fits them~~ (So that the sound
is appropriate for cell phones even without earphones~~)

I hope that you guys can promote 

while enjoying the song~

With Director Yoo [Young Jin] we worked all night to add the bass~


Isn’t it fun doing it?

The day before presenting the song to you guys

I thought we really needed [the bass]

So, over the telephone around 11 PM 

I called Director Yoo at his studio and

started to make that gliding bass~~

Director Yoo worked so hard

I thought that it wouldn’t take that long but

it took us longer than expected so we didn’t sleep all night

Worked on it ’till around 5:30 AM in the morning

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