Watch: Kim Sejeong Is Adorably Shy In Kiss Scene Rehearsals For “I Wanna Hear Your Song”

KBS drama “I Wanna Hear Your Song” recently released a behind-the-scenes video of the cast rehearsing their scenes and having fun off-camera.

“I Wanna Hear Your Song” is a mystery romantic comedy about a timpanist named Hong Yi Young (gugudan’s Kim Sejeong) who loses all memory of the night of a murder. After meeting a suspicious tone-deaf man named Jang Yoon (Yeon Woo Jin), she finds her memories returning and sets out on a quest to discover the truth.

In the video, T-ara’s Jiyeon, who plays the brilliant violinist Ha Eun Joo, showed her real piano playing skills. During a scene in which her character yells at a student, Jiyeon revealed that she was drawing from her real-life experience with a music teacher.

Song Jae Rim, who plays the conductor Nam Joo Wan, also showed interest in the piano on set, while Yeon Woo Jin shared that he was still taking lessons and practicing despite his injured hand. He also took care of Kim Sejeong during a scene in which her character drops a photo frame and shatters the glass.

During rehearsals for a kiss scene, Kim Sejeong hid her face in embarrassment after her character directly says the line, “Can I kiss you?” Yeon Woo Jin, to help her get over her shyness, suggested various ways to set up the scene so it would be most comfortable for her. Despite her initial embarrassment, Kim Sejeong was completely professional during the actual filming and created a great scene with Yeon Woo Jin.

Check out the making video below!

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