Upcoming Drama Starring Go Soo, Lee Sung Min, And Shim Eun Kyung Holds First Script Reading

Upcoming tvN drama “Money Game” (literal title) has revealed photos from its first script reading with actors Go SooLee Sung MinShim Eun Kyung, and more.

“Money Game” imagines a setting in which the major Korean banks are failing and on the verge of bankruptcy. A group of employees at the Financial Services Commission try to prevent the country from falling into a second “IMF crisis.”

Go Soo plays Chae Yi Heon, an economic government official who hides the fact that he’s from a wealthy family in order to be acknowledged for his own abilities. Lee Sung Min is Heo Jae, an ambitious chairman who will do anything it takes to reach his goals, while Shim Eun Kyung plays Lee Hye Jun, a young woman who’s new to the work force, but has passion and morality.

Director Kim Sang Ho said, “‘Money Game’ is the story of our lives. Moreover, Yi Heon, Heo Jae, Hye Jun, and everyone in the drama represent all of us. Through the characters’ conflicts, I want to ask the question of how we must look at the world.”

“Money Game” is scheduled to premiere in January 2020.

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