TWICE Nayeon Makes Hilarious Reaction While Caught Off Guard During Surprise VLive Broadcast

TWICE’s Jeongyeon and Momo went on a surprise VLive on July 24 with a broadcast title “회사몰래 브이 (V without the Company Knowing)”. The surprise live broadcast was filmed inside their hotel room while they were having late night snacks right after they wrapped up their concert in Chicago.

Afterwards, other members joined the two and mostly talked about their concert experience, how they missed doing live broadcasts since they have been busy with the tour the past months, how they were adjusting to different time zones, the TV shows they are currently watching and more about food. Since their managers were not informed, they kept getting calls from the staff in the middle of the broadcast.

But the highlight of their recent VLive has got to be when the eldest TWICE member, Nayeon, knocked on the door wanting to hang out with her co-members but had no idea they were live. Surprised, Nayeon had the funniest reaction as she squealed upon seeing the camera focused on her while she was wearing a bathrobe with a face mask and eyeglasses on.

Her concerned members tried to hide her from the camera when she got inside the room.

Clips of the incident immediately spread online and fans couldn’t help but laugh at Nayeon’s hilarious mishap.

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