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“The Cursed” Gets Off To Solid Start, “Dr. Romantic 2” Continues To Hit Ratings Over 20 Percent

tvN’s new drama “The Cursed,” from the writer of “Train to Busan,” has gotten off to a solid start!

The new drama is about a teenage girl (played by Jeong Ji So) who has the ability to curse others with death using the characters of someone’s official name written in hanja (Chinese characters), a picture, and a personal belonging. The girl, alongside a reporter with a strong sense of justice (Uhm Ji Won), stands to fight against an immense evil (Sung Dong Il) hidden behind a major IT company.

Its first episode, aired on February 10, recorded an average of 2.5 percent, peaking at 3.1 percent in its most-watched minute.

Meanwhile, SBS’s “Dr. Romantic 2” continues to hit above 20 percent in ratings.

The drama, which hit a personal best last week with 20.8 percent in average nationwide viewership, hit nationwide averages of 17.7 and 20.8 percent with its February 10 episode. The drama went as high as 22.9 percent in its most-watched minute.

JTBC’s “War of Prosecutors” recorded 3.3 percent.

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