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[Enter-Talk] TVXQ and BTS are the Top Stars in Japan

Japan concert revenues Nissan Stadium 3 shows, 225,000 spectators, $51.1 million USD TVXQ drew over 1 million spectators in Japan tour. Shizuoka Stadium 2 shows, 107,153 spectators, $10.4 million USD Yanmar Stadium 2 shows, 101,554 spectators, $9.8 million USD BTS drew over 1.6 million spectators in their world tour(still continues)   1. [+201, -3] Top […]


“The Wind Prince” BTS’ V turned into a MARVEL superhero on ‘BTS Run!’

On Run BTS! episode 81, BTSstarted up a new series of competitions all revolving around VR arcade games. While the majority of the group members had a hard time playing the first game ( confusion and dizziness was a common complaint), Vseemed to have had no problem adjusting and seemed to have had lots of […]

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BTS’ Jungkook is the most searched K-Pop idol on YouTube.

The official vidIQ twitter account announced the Top 20 K-Pop Keywords on YouTube 2019. vidIQ is a popular YouTube web browser extension that gives analytics of YouTube.   Did you know that there are 67M searches for BTS on YouTube every month, and that Jungkook is the most searched for member of the band on the platform? — vidIQ […]