Sulli says she’s going to consider age and looks for future boyfriends

Sulli says she’s going to take age and looks into account when it comes to her future boyfriends.

On the August 14th installment of ‘Today’s Fortune‘, Sulli was said to like men who look like a historical Buddhist priest, and the hosts decided to call her up. Sulli answered Shindong‘s call, saying, “I was drinking wine and eating gwamegi (half-dried Pacific herring).” As for why she tends to be attracted to men who look a certain way, she said, “I think people who look like historical Buddhist priests have good personalities.”

Sulli continued, “However, I wouldn’t date them now. I don’t look at appearance at all, so I’m thinking I should start looking at appearance now.” She also said, “I need to consider age when I date boyfriends too. I’m trying to lower the age gap. I should go on a blind date on ‘Today’s Fortune’.”

Sulli is known to have been in a relationship with Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza from August of 2014 to March of 2017.

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