Singer-songwriter Nilo turns off comments for posts on his Instagram after SBS ‘Unanswered Questions’ uncovers “sajaegi”

Singer-songwriter Nilo turned off comments for posts on his Instagram after SBS‘ ‘Unanswered Questions‘ uncovered “sajaegi” on January 4.

The ‘Unanswered Questions’ focused on the fact Nilo’s ‘Pass by‘ was highly ranked with the idols with much larger fandom back in April of 2018.  Professor and a K-Pop columnist Lee Gyu Tag commented, “We can’t really see the driving force behind his music doing well. He did not promote his songs on air nor he had a large fandom like other idols.”

Nilo has previously clarified it was the result of viral marketing. However, an anonymous interviewee stated, “I look at the rankings on the list of popular karaoke songs every day. Usually, songs reappear on music charts are first recognized through karaokes. But ‘Pass by’ topped the karaoke chart in May, a month after it first topped the music streaming charts.” The below picture shows his song was ranked at 4th on May 11, 2018.

Netizens continue to speculate as the singer turned off comments on his social media right after the episode aired.

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