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Park Shin Hye tears up while seeing hunted animals in Africa

Park Shin Hye teared up as she appeared on the January 23rd MBC documentary series ‘Humanimal’. Park Shin Hye was seen going to Kenya where she met the last two northern white rhinoceroses left in the world. The species has become functionally extinct due to poaching for their horns over the past fifty years.

After seeing the state of some elephants that needed treatment, Park Shin Hye stated “they started running away when they saw us. We came to help them but they were scared of us” as she started to tear up. Luckily, the elephants turned out to be fine after getting assistance. Park Shin Hye also teared up after seeing the bodies of dead elephants that were hunted. She stated: “The people who work in this field are so cool. We are regretful we can’t be like this to our own kind and treat animals worse when we should find more ways to protect them. We should also spread the word about how to protect these animals.” 

Check out the emotional clip below.


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