MONSTA X fans who oppose Wonho’s departure from the group gather to protest

Fans who oppose Wonho‘s departure from the group gathered at Starship Entertainment building on November 3 at midnight KST. Fans who are partaking in this silent protest say they support MONSTA X in its entirety, which includes Wonho who recently left the group. To show they support all members, they have celebrated Minhyuk’s birthday before the protest, which is November 3. In addition, they are demanding an official statement from the entertainment addressing recent allegations made against the group including that of Shownu.

However, the fandom Monbebe is sharply divided over this protest. Some react the protest is helping neither Wonho nor the group. Others say MONSTA X should remain as 7 members.

Wonho has been tied up in a flurry of drama after former ulzzang and reality star Jung Da Eun and Han Seo Heeaccused him of unpaid debt, crimes, and illegal drug use.

What are your thoughts on this?

The above slogan reads “I don’t want to be a memory”.

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