“Moments Of 18” Cast Talk About Their Friendship, What To Look Forward To In The Drama, And More

Ahead of the second half of JTBC’s “Moments of 18,” which has been praised for its warm-hearted, relatable portrayal of youth, the cast of the drama sat down for an interview.

Ong Seong Wu, who has impressed viewers with his portrayal of Joon Woo, talked about what he would do if he could go back to being 18. He said, “I would want to try acting. I wasn’t exposed to acting at the time, but if I had learned back then, I think I would’ve had a lot of fun.”

He also talked about his friendship with Shin Seung Ho, whose character he’s always butting heads with in the drama. Ong Seong Wu said, “At first I thought he was really quiet, but once we got to know each other, he became really fun.” Shin Seung Ho added that they like to joke around with each other.

Kim Hyang Gi won over viewers with an emotional scene with her mom in the drama, played by Kim Sun Young. Kim Sun Young’s character tells her that she’s embarrassed to meet fellow college alumni because of her, and Kim Hyang Gi shoots back, “Did you get married to go to alumni meetups? Did you have me so you could brag to other people?” The actress revealed that with respect to her relationship with her mother, she’s nothing like her character. “I’ve never clashed with my mom about my dreams. So in that way, I’m the opposite of Soo Bin. You can think that [Soo Bin’s mother] is going too far, but while playing Soo Bin, I thought that there must be so many cases that are even more extreme.”

Talking more about what’s to come, Ong Seong Wu said, “The story has been mostly driven by emotions thus far, but moving forward, there will be more instances in which the characters have to face harsh realities.” Kim Hyang Gi asked viewers to join them in watching the characters grow, and Shin Seung Ho hinted that the story will begin to highlight how the students’ families and adults change and grow as well.

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