MBC’s “Partners for Justice 2,” which aired its final episodes on July 29, finished with a personal best in ratings! According to Nielsen Korea, the July 29 episodes recorded 6.7 and 9.9 percent, a 0.4 point increase from the previous episode. Though the drama wasn’t able to reach double digits in ratings, the finale hinted at a third season for the drama, much to the delight of fans.

The Red Velvet members maintain close friendships, and fans got to see it up close and in person at Red Velvet’s 5th-Anniversary fan meeting.

Red Velvet held the ‘Red Velvet Fanmeeting-[inteRView vo.5] with ReVeluv’ on July 27 at the Seoul Olympic Hall. This event happened to celebrate the group’s 5th-anniversary and allowed the group to interact with their fans.

One particular moment between Irene and Wendy touched fans deeply. The Red Velvet members played a game of giant Jenga. Irene kneeled to attempt to take out a block when the tower began to crumble. Although Irene managed to move out of the way, Wendy flung her entire body in front of the blocks in order to protect Irene from getting hit.

The video of the incident has been making its’ rounds on the internet and this feel-good moment definitely shows how much the members care about one another.

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