Lee Jung Jae And Park Hae Soo Confirmed For Intriguing Netflix Original Series

Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo will appear in a new Netflix original series!

“Round Six” tells the story of people who participate in a mysterious survival game with 45.6 billion won (approximately $40 million) on the line.

Lee Jung Jae, an actor who has appeared in dramas and films of various genres, will be appearing in a Netflix original series for the first time. He’ll portray Ki Hoon, who hits rock bottom after his company gets restructured and gets enticed by the large prize money to join the survival game.

Park Hae Soo, who previously appeared in the Netflix original film “Persona,” will portray Sang Woo, who spent his childhood with Ki Hoon. Despite his poor background, he worked hard and graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University, but faces another obstacle after embezzling company money.

“Round Six” will be director Hwang Dong Hyuk’s first Netflix original series. The director, who is well-known for his socially conscious stories like “The Fortress,” “Miss Granny,”  and “Silenced,” will be directing and writing the series.

“Round Six” will premiere worldwide on Netflix.

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