Kim Hye Yoon Compares Her Roles In “SKY Castle” And “Extraordinary You”

In a recent interview, actress Kim Hye Yoon compared her roles in “SKY Castle” and “Extraordinary You.”

During the interview, which dropped on November 28, Kim Hye Yoon admitted that she worried about her performance when comparing the two roles. “My characters Ye Seo from ‘SKY Castle’ and Dan Oh from ‘Extraordinary You’ were two completely different characters, but I was concerned that Ye Seo would come out on the set of ‘Extraordinary You.’ I still feel like I made plenty of mistakes. There are scenes where she snuck in there, such as the scene at Oh Nam Joo’s (Kim Young Dae) birthday party where Dan Oh came across as very Ye Seo-like manner.”

She also mentioned that while she did well working with veteran actors in “SKY Castle,” it was refreshing to work among her peers during the filming of “Extraordinary You,” where the actors were more her age.

“When we filmed the more light-hearted scenes with myself, Ha Roo (SF9’s Rowoon), and Do Hwa (Jung Gun Joo), the director was very much hands-off. Of course he would give us certain directions during rehearsal, but much of the actual filming [of those scenes] were ad-libbed. The same thing happened for the more comical scenes, as well.”

Furthermore, Kim Hye Yoon expressed her wish to take on more roles that were closer to her real age. “Although it was refreshingly charming to take part in a high school romance, I’d like to play a role as a 24 year old college student, or something closer to my age. That way I can work hard to put the role of Ye Seo behind me. It’s my goal to become more of a believable actress.”

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