Kim Bo Ra Describes Charms And Challenges Of Portraying An Idol Trainee-Turned-Makeup Artist In “Touch”

Kim Bo Ra spoke about her character in “Touch”!

In this upcoming Channel A drama, Kim Bo Ra portrays Han Soo Yeon, a trainee of 10 years who failed to debut in an idol group and works towards a new dream of becoming a makeup artist.

“After reading the script, I was drawn to the drama for how it could tell the story of people working hard in unseen places,” began Kim Bo Ra. “I also liked that it related to other people in their 20s like Soo Yeon, who is starting out in society.”

The actress then discussed how similar she is to her character. “Soo Yeon and I have a similar way of speaking,” she said. “The director and writer saw this as my strength. They said that it would be good to emphasize this, so I’m focusing on trying to express this when acting.”

She continued, “Soo Yeon is someone who’s already experienced a big discouragement. I think it shows the brave face of people who’ve gone through big falls and how they don’t get knocked down by small things. Although fear from experience always exists and courage is needed to overcome this. I’m acting while focusing on this.”

“I was able to learn a lot about things I didn’t know before through this drama,” said Kim Bo Ra. “‘Touch’ in and of itself is a challenge for me. There are still many things that are still lacking and awkward, but I want to show you various appearances.”

She concluded, “Many charming, unique actors appear in ‘Touch.’ Everyone is trying their best to give viewers positive energy, so I hope you’ll watch it with various perspectives.”

“Touch” premieres on January 3 and will air on Fridays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. KST.

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