Kayaking: Adventurous Sport

Whitewater rafting is an exhilarating way to explore the world’s longest river.

Victorian explorer John Hanning Speke spent years searching for the exact source of the River Nile.

Nowadays that location — where Lake Victoria overflows to create the Nile in central Uganda — is a hub for adventure kayaking on the world’s longest river.

The whitewater starts beside lakeshore Jinja, an alternating series of rapids and flat water as the Nile darts north at the start of its long journey to the Mediterranean.

Full and half-day guided paddle trips are the norm, but Kayak the Nile also offers a four-day “Navigate the Nile” kayak camping adventure that cruises a 50-kilometer stretch of the river down to Hairy Lemon Island.

Rafting the Batoka Gorge (Zambia and Zimbabwe)

Zambezi rafting through the Batoka Gorge, which is in between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

After tumbling over Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River makes a mad dash through the Batoka Gorge, a colossal slash in the Earth’s crust that separates Zambia and Zimbabwe.

With more than 30 rapids ranging up to Class V — with names such as Oblivion, Deep Throat, Terminator and Ghost Rider — the stretch of river through the Batoka Gorge makes for one of the world’s wildest rafting rides.

“It’s the best river on Earth,” says Hamish McMaster, owner and founder of Zambezi Rafting. “Warm water, stunning beaches to camp on. The perfect blend of excitement and relaxation.”

Zambezi Rafting offers a range of float trips, from half and one-day journeys through Batoka Gorge to seven-day expeditions that travel the river all the way down to Moemba Falls.

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