Jun So Min Cast In Upcoming Chuseok Drama Special

Jun So Min has been cast in the upcoming Chuseok drama special “Birthday Letter” (literal title)!

“Birthday Letter” tells the story of an old man named Kim Mu Gil who receives a birthday card from his unforgettable first love and returns to his memories from Hiroshima in 1945. It sheds new light on the painful lives of the youth at the time who experienced the Japanese occupation of Korea, Korea’s liberation, and the Korean War.

Jun So Min will play Kim Jae Yeon, a webtoon artist and the granddaughter of Kim Mu Gil. She has lots of love and respect for her grandfather, who endured forced labor in Hiroshima during Japan’s occupation of Korea and whom she was raised by. On the day they take his funeral photo, Kim Mu Gil receives a letter from his first love Yeo Il Ae. Kim Jae Yeon excitedly runs from place to place trying to find her grandfather’s first love, and by learning about her his past for the first time, she acts as a link between old and new generations.

“Birthday Letter” is written by Bae Soo Young, and Jun So Min starred in the writer’s latest project “Review Notebook of my Embarrassing Days.” Through their past connection, Jun So Min reportedly agreed to star in “Birthday Letter” as soon as she received the script.

The producers of “Birthday Letter” shared, “Before it is too late, we wanted to portray the stories of the typical elderly men and women of the current generation, who are living witnesses of our history that is slowly being forgotten. Our well-made two-episode drama aims to leave a strong impression, comforting older generations and touching the hearts of newer generations.”

The emotional and touching story airs this September as a Chuseok holiday special.

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