Ong Seong Wu Shines Behind-The-Scenes Of “Moments Of 18”

JTBC’s “Moments of 18”!

On August 18, Ong Seong Wu’s agency, Fantagio Entertainment released behind-the-scenes photos of the actor. He currently portrays high schooler Choi Jun Woo who works hard despite finding himself in unlucky situations.

In the photos, Choi Jun Woo volunteers to be the vice president of his class at the suggestion of his homeroom teacher. He officially becomes the vice president after his classmates agree and shyly smiles about his new leadership position.

Parents then visit the classroom to attend the teacher’s English open class. Choi Jun Woo looks a bit nervous as he listens to his classmates debating about the topic of the top one percent leading society.

Choi Jun Woo’s expression, however, changes when class president Ma Hwi Young states his opinion. Standing up, Choi Jun Woo says he disagrees and rebuts with a clear statement. The teacher praises his thoughts, and he lets out a sigh of relief.

Ong Seong Wu touches his heart once the cameras stop rolling to express his relief.

His friend Oh Je then whispers that his answer came out so smoothly as if he had planned this all along. Turns out, the homeroom teacher visited Choi Jun Woo while he was working his part-time job at the convenience store. The teacher handed Choi Jun Woo a note that had the statement he was to say in disagreement with Ma Hwi Young.

The teacher was sure that Ma Hwi Young would be saying something in contrast to what he had written down in the note and suggested that they show off a high-quality lesson in front of the parents. At first, Choi Jun Woo was hesitant to go along with the plan because he felt guilty, but it turned out to be a huge success.

The agency also added photos of Ong Seong Wu looking at the script in order to perfectly transform into Choi Jun Woo, as well as other “eye contact” photos of the actor.     

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