IU reveals that she’s been dyeing her hair every week to prepare for her comeback, says her scalp is fine

IU spent some time with fans via a V Live broadcast in order to promote her newest album ‘Love poem’ on November 18th.

The broadcast, which happened in her band’s practice room, was a question and answer session in which IU stated: “I got to show fans an album after a long while. The MV for “Outside of Time” came out and now we’re finishing rehearsals. I think this is the most hectic release out of all. I can’t really get a grasp of it.


IU continued to state: “I was dyeing my hair once a week. For those of you who came to my concert, my hair color changed again. However, my scalp has no issues whatsoever. Usually, when I dye my hair, my scalp never hurts. I have no regrets over my hair so please don’t worry about me.” 

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