IU And Yeo Jin Goo Are Energetic And Playful In Behind-The-Scenes Photos For “Hotel Del Luna”

by Joseph Adeyemo
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IU And Yeo Jin Goo Are Energetic And Playful In Behind-The-Scenes Photos For “Hotel Del Luna”

tvN’s “Hotel Del Luna” has revealed behind-the-scenes photos of its cast members!

Although IU has transformed into Jang Man Wol, the beautiful yet aloof CEO of Hotel del Luna, for the drama, once the director yells “Cut!” she becomes cheery and playful, as seen by the newly released images. Yeo Jin Goo is also known for constantly smiling and being the mood maker on set.

The stills also include the drama’s supporting actors—Shin Jung Geun (Hotel Del Luna’s bartender Kim Sun Bi), Bae Hae Sun (Head of Room Service Choi Seo Hee), Block B’s P.O (doorman Ji Hyun Joong), and gugudan’s Mina (Kim Yoo Na). They are known for sharing a special bond after working long hours with one another.

Oh Ji HoLee Joon GiLee Si EonLee Yi KyungKim Joon Hyun, and Park Jin Joo have also gained attention for their special appearances in the drama. Although they only appeared for a short while, they were able to show perfect chemistry with the cast members. In the images, they take selfies with the leads and smile brightly in between takes.

The production staff stated, “[Everyone] on set is full of warm consideration for one another. We ask for lots of interest and support to the remaining eight episodes of ‘Hotel Del Luna,’ which was created by the actors and staff members at a fun and energetic filming site.”

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