‘Illegal business’ owners claim Big Bang’s Daesung knew of activities in his building

The leaseholders of the alleged “illegal business” running from a building owned by Daesung is claiming the Big Bang star knew what was happening on the property.

On July 25, reports revealed a drinking establishment likely involved in illegal prostitution services ran from the basement level of Daesung’s building in Gangnam. He’s since released an official apology, explaining he was not aware of the types of businesses in the building as he purchased the property just before he enlisted for his mandatory military service.

Channel A spoke with the owners of the alleged illegal business on July 26, and they claimed they had multiple meetings with Daesung’s representatives. The leaseholders stated, “We find it absurd that he’s acting as he was unaware. So many celebrities come to this building. There are celebrities who are in contact with Daesung who visit too.” They further claimed they’d attempted to move their business, but Daesung’s representatives prevented them from doing so. 

The real estate agent for the building commented, “We’ll reveal our position after we confirm the facts.” Channel A has also reported that if the business had been properly registered, those involved would have had to pay a lot more taxes. The business is currently registered as a restaurant.

In related news
, the Seoul Gangnam Police revealed, “We’re currently examining to look into whether aiding or abetting is applicable to Daesung regarding the illegal businesses.”

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