‘Her Private Life’ Kim Jae-wook ♥ Park Min-young, start a love affair … Security hyun and misunderstanding

Kim Jae-wook misunderstood Park Min-young and Ahn Bo-hyun.

In the TVN drama ‘Her Private Life’ broadcasted on the 8th, Seong Duk Mi (Park Min Young) and Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook) started a real love affair, and Ryan misunderstood the difference between the tile and the castle.

On this day, Cha Xian (Jun Jae-won) laughed at Ryan, saying that “We are not fate but fate,” referring to things that have been happening to the two of us.

Ryan searched for a workshop to find Seong Duk Mi. “I did not want to ask, but what was so hard about fake dating?” She asked Ryan, who was singing alone. “Yes,” said Ryan, “I did not want to be fake, I really want to do it.”

The two people who checked each other’s hearts laughed and kissed passionately.

Ryan said, “Where was it so good?” In a car going to Sung Duk-mi and a meal. The embarrassed SungDeokMi took her home with “Let’s go to eat Kimbab.” However, Seongdeok Mee was eating on the rooftop instead of the house, and Seongdeok Mei said, “Have you not cleaned the house yet?”

Before breaking up, Ryan asked, “We are dating,” and Sung Duk Mi said, “I kiss in Korea and go to jail if I do not make friends.”

Ryan is “the boss”

“I want to make memories with video, I want to capture and calibrate,” said Sung Deukmi, who entered the house.

The dates of two people in Art Gona followed. Ryan and Seongdeok Mee have prepared each other ‘s favorite coffee, and Ryan is embarrassed by the ridiculous saying, “It’ s late for work.

During the meeting, two people were caught up in the staff. During the meeting, Sung Duk-mi continued smiling at Ryan’s head, and the employees looked down at them.

I also saw the magazine with the face of Ryan saying, “I am good with a good deed,” and the remaining flag surprised my mother by saying, “I am in a good mood.”

The mother of the remaining group said, “My mother is sorry, I did not know, the person who is a mother does not know her own child heart, and if the thought about the virtue is such a thing, I will tell.” The remaining group said, “I did not know. Do not be sorry, do not cheer up, “he assured my mother.

The remaining group said to Lee Sun-ju, “If you are Sung Duk-mi, who would you pick with me and Ryan?” Lee Sun-joo, who knew that they were dating, broke the cup in amazement.

Sung Duk Mi and Ryan went out on a date after enjoying the night view of Seoul after work.

Ryan asked Sung Duck-mi, “It’s not really close to me,” and Sung-

She asked Ryan, “Do you doubt me and my life?” And asked, “What is the most important artist, and Choi is not the artist?”

The rest of the plane was dressed up and ready to confess to Seongdeok. After the date, Seongdeokmi missed the promise of the remaining period.

At this time, the remaining words appeared, “If the mother had gone away from the obstetrics and gynecology,” he said, and Sung Duk-mi said, “Did you know?”

At the time of confession, the drunken Lee Sun – ju appeared to ruin the confession of the remnant. Lee got angry that her husband cheated on her and made a program about cheating, and her husband ‘s phone was disconnected. At this time, a call was made to SeongDukMi, and Lee SunJoo and the remaining group all turned off all three cell phones.

Ryan took the Sungdeok beauty and watched the remaining flag going to the house of Seongdeokmi in a suit on his way home, and he kept getting worried when he came home. But Seongdeok Mei did not answer the phone and went to the house of Seongdeokmi at 7 o’clock in the morning saying “It ‘s just a good time to visit my girlfriend.”

Ryan said, “We are going out with him. It is not a matter for the governor to take care of him.”

The remaining group said, “I do not care because I’m the girl I like.”

Ryan said that he knew everything, “It’s okay, come out, Gil,” and the surprise castle came out from behind.

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