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Han Ye Seul reveals that she still has a tattoo of her ex-boyfriend Teddy

Han Ye Seul revealed the meaning of her twelve tattoos in a video uploaded on December 11 on her YouTube channel.

Han Ye Seul surprisingly talked about a tattoo she had that resembles the letter which refers to her ex-boyfriend Teddy Park. She said that since it’s been a while since they have broken up, people have asked her if it still ok to have that tattoo. She replies to them, “Of course I can if you are my close friend. You should be open to what’s part of me, such as the beautiful times that I had, or the precious memories that I have, or the things that I’ve done in the past. The things that made me who I am now and you should be able to respect those moments no matter what.

Check out the episode below to hear about each of Han Ye Seul’s tattoos!

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