Cast And Crew Of “Graceful Family” To Go On Reward Vacation As Ratings Soar

The cast of MBN and Dramax’s “Graceful Family” will be heading off on a reward vacation!

A source from MBN stated, “The cast and crew of ‘Graceful Family’ is currently working out their schedules. They plan to travel to Nha Trang, Vietnam from October 21 to 25 for their reward vacation.”

The production company had originally promised to send everyone on a reward vacation if the drama scored viewership ratings over five percent. The cast and crew were confident that they could reach the goal, with Im Soo Hyang sharing her hopes to go somewhere warm during the drama’s press conference.

“Graceful Family” first started off with nationwide ratings of 2.7 and as of episode 11, they have shot up to eight percent in ratings, combining the 7.1 percent ratings on MBN and 0.9 percent on Dramax. Not only has it scored the highest ratings in its time slot on Wednesday nights for two consecutive weeks, but it also currently holds the record for highest ratings ever of an MBN drama.

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