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Apink’s Bomi And Lee Se Jin To Lead New Web Drama With Unique Plot

Apink’s Bomi and former “Produce X 101” contestant Lee Se Jin will be the main characters in a web drama!

On February 17, production company Mystery Friends revealed, “Web drama ‘Oppa Will Date Instead’ (literal title) has confirmed its cast including Apink’s Bomi and Lee Se Jin as well as lawyer Jang Chun from Channel A’s ‘Heart Signal,’ DreamNote’s Sumin, actor Jung Jin, and more.”

“Oppa Will Date Instead” is a romantic drama that focuses on the love stories of high school best friends Min Joo (Bomi), Kang Chan (Lee Se Jin), Bang Hee (Sumin), and Hyun Beom (Jung Jin). Everything begins when Min Joo, who has one-sidedly loved Kang Chan for a long time, ends up having her deceased brother Dae Yeon’s (Jang Chun’s) soul take control of her body. To fulfill his younger sister’s one-sided love, Dae Yeon does his best to win over Kang Chan’s heart.

The producers shared that the novel story of an older brother trying to win over the heart of his younger sister’s love interest will provide lots of comical moments as well as heart-fluttering ones.

“Oppa Will Date Instead” will begin filming on February 27, and the web drama will be released on various online platforms.

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