2PM’s Chansung Talks About Playing A Villain In New Sci-Fi Drama “My Holo Love”

2PM’s Chansung talked about his character in the new Netflix series “My Holo Love.”

The drama is about a lonely woman named So Yeon (played by Go Sung Hee) who coincidentally meets a perfect holographic being with artificial intelligence named Holo (played by Yoon Hyun Min).

2PM’s Chansung plays a character named Chan Sung, the vice president of a company named Magic Mirror. He is ordered by his father, the president of the company, to arrange a takeover of the company that develops Holo.

Chansung, who has previously been in more comical roles, has taken on a challenge with the new role, in which his character does everything he can to live up to his father’s expectations. He said, “I’m not sure how well I portrayed the particulars of the new role. Before starting the drama, I imagined the character a lot and tried to recall personal emotions and experiences.”

Talking about what was most difficult about playing a villain, he said, “Trying to completely understand the character.” However, he added that it wasn’t too hard to do with this character. “[The character] Chan Sung isn’t someone who does bad things for no reason, so it was easy to understand.”

He said, “I’m so thankful to all of my fellow actors as well as the director and staff members. There must have been many ways in which I was lacking, but they always complimented me and gave me certainty in what I was doing. I did my best, and I think I will be happy if the final product receives a lot of love.”

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